Game Plan (2022) HotShots Original
Game Plan (2022) HotShots Original

Movie Name : Game Plan (2022) HotShots Original

Starcast : Smayera Khan, Pallavi Vawale, Aaditya Pandey,

Genres : Erotic, Romance,

Quality : HDRip

Length : 19min

Release Date : 2022

Movie Story : Two best friends plan to meet at a house party, just like a regular couple party the night sets in romantically with and a few drinks one of the couples start making out, then other girl gets uncomfortable with the situation decides to leave but then convinced by the others they decided to stay not knowing what this decision could cost them. The head into their rooms and make passionate love, but here is where the truth unfold and one of the guys actually fantasizes his friendu0027s girlfriend, his girlfriend finds about this and she makes a deal with him in which he can be with his friendu0027s girlfriend, but the price he has to pay is as a dark and revengeful truth. Lest find out what ends they will go to.

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